All companies and crews of
DAISEI Group will
“Be the one
who brightens up a corner”

DAISEI Company Motto

  • We share a common destiny.
  • We develop our comunity with active strategies.
  • We live in the belief of knowledge, power, courage, and faith.

November, 1968 / Came up with the motto at the hotel at 77 drive, Hadson River during the training at Container Marine Corp. at New York Harbor.

Group Vision

Holly being, our great God.
May God bless us with his power.
Here I have made a promise to make DAISEI Group
the number one company in the logistics industry.
God is great.
I swear to God and pray,
as I sit on top of Mount Sinai (2,285m high),
where God spoke to Moses.

7 am on 7th, March 1984 / Pray on top of Mount Sinai

2022 Group Slogan

  • To strengthen our company
  • To strengthen individual crew
  • To strengthen crew’s family