We, Daisei Holdings Corporation, and our affiliated companies (from now on referred to as “Daisei Group”), establish and adhere to the “Daisei Group Social Media Policy” (from now on referred to as “this Policy”) regarding the operation of official social media accounts and the participation of Daisei Group Crew in social media.

  1. 1. Purpose of Social Media Participation

    Daisei Group aims to disseminate information about the company through social media, sincerely conveying our company’s charm and information to the society. Specifically, we participate in social media for the following three purposes:

    • To make Daisei Group’s businesses and services known to a wider audience.
    • To share the aspirations of Daisei Group Crew dedicated to Daisei Group’s businesses and services with a broader audience.
    • To enhance trust and brand value in Daisei Group.
  2. 2. Attitude towards Social Media Use

    Information shared online spreads worldwide in an instant. Keeping in mind that information disseminated becomes a digital tattoo that can last a lifetime, it is essential to communicate and utilize social media with a sincere attitude.

  3. 3. Code of Conduct

    We understand the characteristics of social media and will communicate with moderation and a sense of decency as responsible individuals:

    • We will comply with laws and internal rules.
    • We will understand the nature of the Internet.
    • We will prohibit infringement on third-party rights such as copyrights and reputation.
    • We will not disclose confidential information about the company, customers, or business partners.
    • We will respect personal information and privacy.
  4. 4. Disclaimer

    While we strive for the accuracy of the information posted on this account, Daisei Group does not assume any responsibility for the actions taken by users based on the information provided.

    • Daisei Group is not responsible for replies, quotes, reposts, comments, or any interactions made by users on this account.
    • Daisei Group is not liable for disputes or conflicts arising between users or between users and third parties related to this account.
    • Daisei Group does not reply to every comment on this account, nor does it follow all users who follow this account.
    • Daisei Group is not responsible for any damages incurred by customers due to the use of social media or the inability to use it, regardless of the reason. Daisei Group also cannot answer questions regarding the operational status of social media, technical inquiries, software features, or usage methods.
    • Content may be subject to changes, transfers, deletions, etc., without prior notice.
  5. Grounds for Deletion

    We may delete posts or block accounts without prior notice if they fall under any of the following categories:

    • Content that violates laws or regulations or has the potential to do so.
    • Content that defames or slanders specific individuals, groups, etc.
    • Content related to political or religious activities.
    • Content that infringes on copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of Daisei Group or third parties.
    • Content aimed at advertising, promotion, solicitation, business activities, or other profit-oriented purposes.
    • Content promoting discrimination based on race, ideology, creed, etc.
    • Content that goes against public order or morality.
    • Content containing falsehoods, misinformation, or rumors, or content that encourages such misinformation.
    • Content that violates privacy by identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without consent.
    • Content impersonating other users, third parties, etc.
    • Content that redirects viewers to other websites or services without confirming their intentions.
    • Content that induces users to harmful programs.
    • Content that alters part of or all the content published by Daisei Group.
    • Content unrelated to the content published by Daisei Group.
    • Content that violates the terms of service of the platform.
    • Any other content deemed inappropriate by Daisei Group.

This policy serves as the fundamental framework for Daisei Group’s responsible use of social media, ensuring appropriate conduct and promoting ethical engagement. We are committed to upholding this policy, fostering transparent communication and integrity in all our interactions on social media platforms. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.