DAISEI Group brings “Reassurance” and “Smile”
to the world.

Established in 1969, DAISEI Group extends its business to various fields, such as automobile maintenance, used automobile sales, recycling, internet, and food. However, we focus mainly on cargo automobile transportation and warehouse business.

  • Since establishment


  • Group annual sales

    828Billion yen

  • Number of companies


  • Number of crew


  • Number of bases


  • Total number of vehicles


  • Total area of warehouse


(Data of 1, March 2024)

  • Third-Party Logistics Business of Food


    We offer delivery service specialized in food business. We also offer temporary storage, sorting service, and forwarding.

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  • Third-Party Logistics Business of Chemical Products


    We deliver polymer product such as petrochemical resin and packaging film.

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  • Third-Party Logistics Business of Dry Goods


    Wide variety of product including snacks, clothings and general merchandise.

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  • Automobile maintenance business


    We provide maintenance to vehicles that a total of 43 DAISEI Group companies possess to make sure all the trucks are in a good condition. This sector supports Japanese logistics.

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  • Compact cargo automobile transportation business/
    Used car sales business


    We sell various kinds of cars, including passenger cars and forklifts. Through used car sales, we spread the spirit of 4R(Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

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  • International combined transportation business/ International refrigerated delivery business


    We specialize in shipping particular materials utilizing our network which connects 65 countries including 5 countries with our local subsidiaries. The materials we deliver are materials for infrastructure development projects, hazardous chemical materials which need temperature control such as low-temperature or super low-temperature, medical goods, biospecimen, and experimental animals.

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  • Electrical construction business


    D-tech was founded in 2016. We are specialists in the workplace environment. We handle any facilities to make a better workplace, from air conditioning facilities to building facilities. D-tech aims to be a repair company.

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  • Recycling business


    We mainly recycle Industrial waste and plastic products. In fact, we have collected and recycled 20,000t a year.

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  • Electronic device and system integrator business


    We offer computer platforms in various scales to researchers in the field of High-Performance Computing and development engineers. We also develop individual systems and suggest solutions for customers.

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  • Food business


    We operate Soba noodle shops and bakeries, process food, and distribute it to grocery stores and convenience stores. We contribute to society in food industry.

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  • Consulting business


    In addition to consulting services, we develop the required systems and tools. We support the introduction of Digital Transformation to companies in the logistics industry in an efficient way.

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  • Nonlife insurance agency business


    Since 2000, we face each of our customers with sincerity to offer the best service in the non-life insurance agency business.

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  • Textile


    Starting from sourcing raw materials, we collaborate with spinning mills, weaving mills, and finishing facilities domestically and internationally. Under this cooperative framework, we propose meticulously selected fabric materials such as wool to apparel manufacturers.

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  • Business management business


    We supervise and operate DAISEI Group as a whole. This sector is necessary for 43 companies of DAISEI Group to work smoothly.

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  • Hotel business


    We operate two accommodations with a rich natural environment in Hakone and Minamiisemachi.

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