DAISEI Group consists of 42 companies
with 211 domestic and overseas bases.

DAISEI Group was founded in Aichi Prefecture in April of 1969.
We extend logistic business in 209 bases in Japan, and 9 overseas bases mainly in Asia. Our core business is cargo automobile transportation.

"Be the one who brightens up a corner"
To make a better future with our customers, our crew members make progress each day. We inherit the belief of founding, keep in mind to care for others over ourselves, and always aim for the better.


DAISEI Group beyond the future




  • Since establishment



    DAISEI Group was established with one private truck on the 23rd April 1969.

  • Group annual sales

    Billion yen

    Annual Profit

    Please note that this is a data of 1st January 2022.

  • Number of companies


    Number of Companies

    We develop businesses in various fields with a focus on logistics.

  • Number of crew


    Number of Crews

    We call our employees “Crew” referring to the ship’s crew. We share the same ambitions and ride the same ship of “DAISEI”

  • Number of bases


    Number of Bases

    We have bases in various areas inside Japan, and overseas.

  • Total number of vehicles


    Number of Automobiles

    Automobiles consist of cargo trucks, forklifts, and passenger cars.

  • Total area of warehouse

    Warehouse Surfaces

    The total areas of all the warehouses summed up are 400,059m2.

(Data of 1, March 2024)

World base

Domestic & Overseas Bases

DAISEI Group expands its business across the world.

DAISEI Group expands business in 9 countries or regions outside Japan. We have 211 domestic bases. We are working on strengthening of domestic and overseas bases.

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